From examination to adoption

From the Examination in Public to adoption of the Core Strategy the following happened:

22 November 2010 - Update on South East Plan and implications for the Havant Core Strategy

On the 10 November 2010, The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government lost a High Court case over his plans to scrap the last government's regional housing targets in England.

The move was ruled unlawful by the High Court. The ruling meant that the South East Plan is again part of the Development Plan system.

The Secretary of State wrote to all councils advising them of his intention to abolish the South East Plan, however, the parliamentary process that will result in abolition could take up to two years to complete.

The draft Inspector's Report was initially received by the council on 2 November 2010. The Core Strategy was found 'sound' subject to the Inspector's Report being checked for factual accuracy.

The return of the South East Plan had to be considered in terms of its impact on the Havant Borough Core Strategy, which was amended during the examination in public to take account of the original revocation of the South East Plan on 27 May 2010.

The council considered that the reinstatement of the South East Plan had no impact on the soundness of the Core Strategy. The main changes included

  • The introduction of a new Gypsy and Traveller Policy
  • The introduction of a new Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Policy
  • Alterations to the wording of the ‘housing’ Policy CS9, although the overall housing number is unchanged
  • Alterations to the wording of the ‘efficient use of resources’ Policy CS12.

4 January 2011- Inspector's Statement on minor changes following the reinstatement of the South East Plan (SEP)

The council asked the Inspector to delete proposed minor changes G11, 7.11 and 7.12. 

These are the three proposed minor changes that proposed the deletion of references to the South East Plan; as the plan is now reinstated as part of the Development Plan, until it is abolished as part of the Localism Bill, it is appropriate to retain references to the SEP.

 Once the SEP is abolished the council will have to consider how to deal with it and may issue an addendum to the Core Strategy to explain the situation.

9 February 2011 - Cabinet Report 

At the Cabinet meeting held 9 February 2011 the Havant Borough Core Strategy was recommended to council for adoption on 1 March 2011.

February 23 2011 - Council

Council voted unanimously to adopt the Havant Borough Core Strategy on 1 March 2011.