Emsworth neighbourhood plan

Emsworth forum has been designated as the ’neighbourhood forum’ and the Emsworth Ward to be designated as a ‘neighbourhood area’ for the purposes of neighbourhood planning in Emsworth.

Post-examination neighbourhood plan and referendum


The Emsworth neighbourhood plan has successfully passed its examination.


The referendum was held on Thursday 8 July 2021 and the result to the question asked was:

“Do you want Havant Borough Council to use the Neighbourhood plan for Emsworth to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

  • Number cast in favour of a Yes - 1734  (91%)
  • Number cast in favour of a No -  168 (9%)
  • Number of ballot papers rejected - 1 
  • Turnout - 1903 (23%) 


Forum designation

In 2014, a community group called the Emsworth Forum applied to Havant Borough Council to be designated as the ’neighbourhood forum’ and the Emsworth Ward to be designated as a ‘neighbourhood area’ for the purposes of neighbourhood planning. The council accepted that application and designated the forum and the area on 23 July 2014. 

Designations expire after 5 years, so the forum re-applied and was again designated for a further 5 years on 24 June 2019, through a delegated decision by the Service Director for Regeneration & Place. The approved 2019 designation application documents are available below:

Emsworth Neighbourhood Plan

Since their original designation, the Emsworth Forum have been developing their Neighbourhood Plan, and submitted it to the council on 25 April 2019. The submission documents are available below:

A 6 week consultation under Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations ran from 26 April to 7 June 2019. A summary of the responses received is available below:


The council, in consultation with the forum, appointed an independent examiner to review whether the plan meets the basic conditions. 

Following an unaccompanied visit to Emsworth, the examiner sent a Clarification Note to the Emsworth Forum and the borough council. The responses are published below.

The examiner’s report was received on 6 January 2020. It concludes that, subject to a series of recommended modifications, the Emsworth Neighbourhood Plan meets all the necessary legal requirements and should proceed to referendum.

The council has decided to accept the examiner’s recommendations and send the plan to referendum. 

The referendum was scheduled to take place alongside the local elections on 7 May 2020. Due to the Coronavirus situation, the Government postponed all elections and referendums.

The version of the Plan that will be subject to the referendum (see top of page) contains the changes specifically requested by the examiner as well as additional amendments to address the new planning use classes which came into effect in September 2020. These amendments are in line with the examiner’s report, and details have been agreed between the Council and the Neighbourhood Forum.


Any questions should be directed to the Planning Policy Team at policy.design@havant.gov.uk or on telephone 023 9244 6539. Further details can also be found on the Emsworth Forum website and in the Government’s Neighbourhood Planning Guidance.