Current consultations

Havant Borough Council is committed to providing services based on customer needs and expectations.  The Council needs to consult so that it can improve the level of services provided for the community and its customers.

Consultation helps us to:

  • Find out the needs, aspirations and priorities of our communities and customers;
  • Develop services that fit with customer's and other users' requirements;
  • Prioritise services that will enable the Council to concentrate its resources in the most efficient manner.
  • The Council undertakes a number of consultations with a variety of people living and working in the Borough, as well as businesses and other local organisations. 

Current consultations

Havant Borough Council is considering introducing measures to try and reduce the number of pigeons in the Waterlooville Precinct area. Please complete the questionnaire for residents or the questionnaire for businesses to make sure your views are considered.

Results of previous consultations


Taxi Licensing Policy

The Marketing Scrutiny Panel is currently undertaking a review into the council's Taxi Licensing Policy. Working closely with Licensing Officers, the attached draft policy has been produced which aims to cover all aspects of the Council's Taxi Licensing responsibilities and concerns.

  • Consultation report (coming soon)

Public Space Protection Order - Dogs

The PSPO consultation report considers the results of the consultation carried out by Havant Borough Council from 2nd January 2017 to 10th February 2017, concerning legislation relating to dogs in the borough.