Coronavirus food business guidance

Our Food & Safety team is still working as normal and if any businesses proving food services have questions or need advice while operating they should get in touch via the following contact details:


Telephone: 023 9244 6654

Reopening your business

The Food Standards Agency has developed a handy checklist to support food businesses in safely reopening during the coronavirus pandemic after a period of inaction.

Advice for food businesses wanting to diversify

Following new Government restrictions placed on public houses, restaurants, cafes etc during the coronavirus pandemic we understand that food businesses may wish to change the way that they operate in order to maintain their business during this time. If you are already registered as a food business with us and wish to change the way you operate your business, or just need clarification on food safety matters then please contact us so that we can ensure that you are doing this safely.

If you are a new food business providing food to members of the public and you have not already registered, then you will need to register with us immediately in order to keep trading.

If you are a food business operating and you wish to change how you currently operate, then you should think through the food safety hazards and ensure that you have control measures in place to provide safe food for your customers. You will need to ensure that the additional hazards (for example cross contamination and temperature control) associated with the business operation are considered.

The Government has issued guidance for restaurants offering takeaway or delivery services.

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health has also provided food delivery and takeaway guidance.