Frequently asked questions

If the beach has been awarded a blue flag doesn't that mean it has good water quality?

The blue flag is awarded by Keep Britain Tidy and it is based on 33 criteria - some of which are based on water quality. 

We are extremely proud that the beach has been awarded this prestigious status.

Is the blue flag flying a signal of good water quality?

The Blue Flag is a symbol of ongoing excellence and will fly between the 15 May and 6 September. It is not an indication of the level of water quality which is displayed at the beach.

How to I know if it's safe to swim?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this question. There are many factors to consider when advising about water quality including tides, wind direction, amount of rainfall and more.

The general guidance is that you should avoid the water for 24 hours after heavy rainfall, and water quality ratings can be found on the Environment Agency website.

What is Havant Borough Council doing to ensure the beach is safe to swim? 

Havant Borough Council is calling on Southern Water to take immediate action to improve water quality and invest in local infrastructure.

The council has also met with Southern Water on a number of occasions.

Where are first aid kits available from?

First aid kits can be found at the following locations:

  • Inn on the Beach
  • Surfshack
  • Beachlands tourist information centre (9am–5pm)
  • Beach Patrol and Neighbourhood Quality officers carry first aid kits in their vehicles

Please note staff will be able to provide you with a first aid kit but may not have first aid training.

Where is the nearest defibrillator?

The nearest defibrillator can be found on the wall of the Surfshack, and another one if located at the Fairground.

Can dogs use the beach?

Dogs are banned seasonally (1 May to 30 September) from the Blue Flag beach on Hayling Island which equates to (roughly) a quarter of the accessible beach.

Find out more about dogs in the borough.