Havant Borough Council's own online Community Lottery helps to raise funds for local charities and community groups.

Tickets cost £1 with 60p going towards local good causes, compared to just 28p in the pound for the National Lottery. The weekly draw has a jackpot of £25,000 for a matching sequence of six numbers, with other prizes including £2,000, £250, £25 or three free tickets.

Charities and community groups can benefit from the Havant Community Lottery in two ways. Groups from across the borough are able to register as one of our Community Lottery Good Causes. Good Causes will be provided with their own lottery page, and will receive 50p in every pound spent by players choosing to support them.

Secondly, a further 10p in every pound will go into the Havant Borough Community Fund, through which local groups can apply for small grants to support their work. The Havant Borough Community Fund is one of the good causes supported by the Havant Borough Lottery, it provides a generic option for players who do not have an allegiance to a specific good cause, to select when they buy their ticket.

Good causes who are active participants in the Havant Borough Lottery are eligible to bid for additional funding from the Havant Borough Community Fund. Funding is awarded by an independent panel (made up of council and community representatives) who meet periodically to consider applications. The Havant Borough Community Fund is administered by the Council.

The remainder of the ticket price goes towards prizes, operating costs and VAT. Havant Borough Council does not take any money from the sale of the Lottery tickets.

Charities and Community Groups who are interested in registering to become a Good Cause can find more information by visiting the Havant Community Lottery's website.


Havant Community Lottery bolt-on prize draw

For details of the latest Havant Community Lottery bolt-on prize draw please visit www.havantlottery.co.uk for further information.


Havant Borough Lottery Community Grant fund

The Havant Borough Lottery Community Grant is designed to support revenue or capital projects that benefit the residents living within the Havant Borough area.

The fund is generated by revenue from the Havant Borough Lottery central fund, which is made up of a percentage of ticket sales. 

This funding programme is specifically for groups who have signed up to the Havant Borough Community Lottery as a Good Cause and are actively selling tickets.

Other groups are not eligible and will be rejected on that basis.

Grants of up to £2,000 will be made available for groups who meet the set criteria. We reserve the right to offer a grant of less than the requested amount, if there are a number of equally scoring applications, this will enable us to benefit a larger number of groups.

How to apply

Only registered Good Causes may apply.

Please email partnersupport@havant.gov.uk to request an application form and guidance notes (funding rounds are only open twice a year – April and November).

Help and guidance

If you have any queries regarding the eligibility criteria or the application process, please contact Laura Bevis, Community Officer, by email at laura.bevis@havant.gov.uk or phone on 023 9244 6123.