Coastal Partners is the Council’s Partnership Team responsible for managing the sea defences in the borough. This specialist team of officers carries out coastal management along the Havant, Portsmouth, Gosport, Fareham and Chichester coastlines. 

Coastal Partners manage, maintain and repair existing sea defences and constructs new and improved defences along 246 km of the Hampshire and West Sussex coastlines. This essential work helps to keep us informed of the increasing demands of a constantly changing coastline, as well as respond to fluctuating climate patterns.

Alongside the core coastal engineering services, Coastal Partners plans and prepares for future conditions and is involved with habitat and environmental issues, research, data analysis and surveying. This work stretches beyond coastlines to land, highways and flood risk areas.

Hayling Island beach management plan

The South Hayling beach management plan helps to deliver effective beach management along the coast of Hayling Island. The 2017 to 2024 plan aims to reduce serious flooding events that were commonplace pre-1985.

Hayling Island coastal management strategy

The Hayling Island coastal management strategy is a collaborative strategy to manage flood and coastal erosion risk at Hayling Island for the next 100 years.

West Beach maintenance

Coastal Partners and Havant Borough Council work together to manage flood and coastal erosion along West Beach, Hayling Island.

Langstone coastal defence scheme

Coastal Partners is undertaking a flood and coastal erosion risk management option appraisal study for Langstone on behalf of Havant Borough Council.

Seafront storm damage

For the latest update on works being carried out along Hayling Island seafront, following extreme weather.