Business rates

Commercial businesses contribute to local services through paying business rates, also known as non-domestic rates.

You will receive an annual bill for every property you are liable for, the bill is assumed to be payable in monthly instalments.

The number of monthly instalments will be 10 however you can request this is changed to 12. If you change to 12 monthly instalments during the year, we will give you the maximum number of instalments remaining in the current financial year.

Subsequent annual bills will then be payable over the full 12 months.

Please be advised that there is a minimum instalment amount of £50 per month, or one instalment if your bill is £100 or less - if this applies to your bill, payment cannot be made over 12 months.

Manage your business rates online

You can manage your business rates online by creating a portal account. The portal gives you full access to your business rates and you can look up the amount of your next instalment.

Business Rate Contact Details

Contact us on telephone number: 0845 070 2081 or, email

How are business rates calculated? 

Every non-domestic property has a rateable value which is fixed by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA).

We work out your business rates bill by multiplying the rateable value of the property by a multiplier. The multiplier increases each year in line with inflation.


• The 2023­/24 standard raring multiplier is 51.2 pence.

• For Small Businesses (for an occupied premises with a rateable value below £50,999 except properties occupied by charities) the 2023/24 rating multiplier is 49.9 pence.


• The 2024­-25 standard raring multiplier is 54.6 pence.

• For Small Businesses (for an occupied premises with a rateable value below £50,999 except properties occupied by charities) the 2024­/25 rating multiplier is 49.9 pence.

Business rates are charged on a day-to-day basis so if you occupy the property for part of the year, you’ll only pay for that portion.

Can I appeal against my rateable value?

You can find out about how to make an appeal on the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) website.