Brexit support for local businesses

LEP Growth Hub

There is also local support for businesses from the LEP Growth Hub. They have put together a toolkit to help local businesses plan for Brexit as part of their business strategy. The toolkit includes a variety of resources and events.

Federation of small businesses (FSB)

The FSB Brexit Hub is designed to support small businesses and the self-employed to prepare for a possible no deal scenario when the UK leaves the European Union.

The hub contains and signposts to information, designed to be practical in nature, to help businesses prepare.

Small Business Brexit Pack featuring helpful resources, a research series and information for different sectors. There is also a webinar which covers what businesses need to know and how to prepare.

European Commission

The European Commission have published many documents on what companies within different sectors should be doing in order to be prepared for a ‘no deal’ scenario.

They encourage businesses to follow their checklist. This checklist has been developed for information purposes and is meant to help companies doing business in the EU and/or in the United Kingdom (UK) to double-check their state of preparedness for the withdrawal of the UK from the EU without a withdrawal agreement.

British Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce encourages all businesses to undertake a Brexit health check and a broader test of existing business plans. Time spent thinking through the changes that Brexit may bring could yield real dividends in future.

A recent survey conducted by the British Chambers of Commerce showed that 41% of UK businesses have not done a Brexit risk assessment.