Eligible rent

Eligible rent is the figure used in calculating entitlement to Housing Benefit. It could be exactly equal to the actual rent but often it is not.

There are 2 main reasons for this:

  • Many service charges cannot be met by Housing Benefit: for example water charges, meals and most fuel.
  • In the case of much privately rented accommodation your bedroom requirements may restrict the level of rent

If the service charge has to be paid as a condition of occupying the property it maybe covered by Housing Benefit.

See below for a summary of service charges and whether or not they can be met by Housing Benefit.

Type of Service Charge eligible for Housing Benefit

Water charges Not Eligible
Fuel for communal areas Eligible
Other fuel Eligible
Meals Not Eligible
Communal window cleaning Eligible
Communal cleaning Eligible
Other cleaning Not Eligible
Emergency alarm systems Not Eligible
Counselling and support Not Eligible
Day to day living expenses Not Eligible