Benefit fraud

Benefit fraud is being committed in this area. We are doing our best to find it, stop it and punish the perpetrators.

There are many types of benefit fraud:

  • people make false claims, giving incorrect information, in order to obtain benefit to which they are not entitled
  • people fail to report changes in their circumstances, which affect the amount of benefit to which they are entitled.

The Fraud Team receives many referrals of benefit fraud and considers each one for investigation.

Some cases are closed, with an overpayment recorded, but no further investigation needed, while others require lengthy investigation.

The team makes sure any overpayment is identified and recovered.

If evidence of an offence is found, an interview under caution is conducted. The evidence is then considered and a decision is made regarding further action, which could include administrative penalties, formal cautions or prosecution.

Please contact us if you think you know an offence is being committed.

All reported suspicions are treated in the strictest confidence.