Beach Check UK app

Hayling Island beaches have been selected to be part of a national Beach Check UK app.

The app is free to download from the App store (Apple) and the Google Play store (Android). It is designed to enable visitors to make planned and informed decisions to avoid crowded beach areas prior to arrival.

Frequently asked questions

How is data collected to update the beach congestion statuses?

Congestion statuses are determined via live data collected from footfall sensors, cctv footage, weather patterns and observations made by your local beach operator.

How often is the Beach Check UK app updated?

The Beach Check UK app displays information in real-time and is updated periodically on an automated basis.

What does the congestion status tell me?

The congestion status reflects how busy an area is. It takes into consideration the busyness of the beach and surrounding area, including promenades and footpaths. This information can be used to help plan a day at the beach.

What other useful information does the Beach Check UK app provide?

Users can find essential beach information by tapping on any highlighted section of the beach map.

This includes cycling restrictions, dog exercise areas, BBQ permissions and lifeguard operation information. Users can also highlight useful location markers on the map which shows what amenities are in the area and where they are located. This includes car parks, toilets facilities and first aid points amongst others.

How do I find my favourite beach?

Users can select their desired beach via the beach map or by searching for beaches using the ‘Find a Place’ function. Users can save their favourite beaches by highlighting the ‘heart’ icon.

Will the Beach Check UK app be extended to cover other beaches in the UK?

We are working to expand our coverage around the UK. If you’d like to see Beach Check UK app cover a coastal area near you, please speak to your Local Authority about joining.

I have a sight impairment. How can I distinguish the congestion statuses of each beach?

We have introduced accessibility settings which allows users to personalise the colours for congestion statuses to suit their specific needs.

Does Beach Check UK app collect my personal information?

No, it doesn’t. The app does not ask for any personal information at any time. It does not track your location and does not require any contact details for the in-app feedback function.

Are there any plans to develop the functionality of the Beach Check UK app in the future?

Yes. We have worked to enhance the functionality and coverage of the Beach Check UK app over the past year and will continue to improve the app where possible.

If you have a suggestion for how we can improve, please make use of the in-app feedback function to let us know.

What happens to the in-app feedback I’ve submitted?

All in-app feedback is collated and reviewed to identify possible technical faults, required corrections and suggestions for future development of the app.

Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to feedback, but we really appreciate your comments and assure you they are all taken on board.