Armed forces

Havant Borough Council, the charitable and voluntary sector and other members of the civilian community have pledged to work and act together to support serving and former members of the Armed Forces Community including their families who reside and work within the Havant Borough area.

We have signed the Armed Forces Covenant and will work in partnership to deliver the key strategic themes of the supporting action plan.

Armed forces community covenant

Covenant between Havant Borough Council, representatives of the charitable and voluntary sectors and The Armed Forces Community

The principle behind the covenant is that the Armed Forces Community should not face disadvantage because of its military experience.

In some cases, such as the sick, injured or bereaved, this means giving special consideration to enable access to public or commercial services that civilians wouldn’t receive.

The covenant covers issues from housing and education to support after Service. It is crucial to the Government that it, and the nation, recognises the unique and immense sacrifices the Armed Forces Community makes.

Veterans ID scheme

Former servicemen are eligible for various benefits but there is currently no quick and easy way for them to prove they are veterans.

The Ministry of Defence’s card will help public sector services and charities to recognise the those who have served their country.

The absence of a veterans ID card should not be seen as proof that a person is not a veteran and existing verification methods should be used in that case. The card will not be held by all veterans as it is being rolled out in tranches.

If a Veteran was discharged in in 2018/2019 they will receive their card shortly. If a Veteran was discharged before 2018 they will receive their card in early 2020.

For more information visit the Veterans UK website or call 0808 1914218.

Defence Employer Recognition Scheme

The Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) encourages employers to support defence and inspire others to do the same.

The scheme encompasses bronze, silver and gold awards for employer organisations that pledge, demonstrate or advocate support to defence and the armed forces community, and align their values with the Armed Forces Covenant.

Havant Borough Council received the bronze award for this scheme in September 2017.

Guaranteed Interview Scheme

The Guaranteed Interview Scheme for Veterans is a commitment that Havant Borough Council has made to support the Armed Forces Community, as set out in the Community Covenant.

This commitment guarantees an interview for any veterans who meet the essential criteria set out in the role profile and identify themselves as a veteran.

However, the scheme does not guarantee a job for applicants as selection procedures will ensure the best candidate for the job is appointed, based on meeting the objective criteria of the role profile.

Support Services

Local organisations

Solent Local Enterprise partnership (LEP)

The Solent Local Enterprise Parnership (LEP), is a locally-owned partnership between businesses and local authorities playing a central role in determining local economic priorities and undertaking activities to drive economic growth and the creation of local jobs.

This service provides veterans, families and spouses with grant funding to start their own business or grow an existing business.

There is a £250,000 grant funding competition for small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) and new start ups linked to the armed forces community in the Solent. The Solent LEP are offering one-to-one opportunities to discuss project proposals with individuals interested in applying to the fund.

The Veterans Outreach Service (based at the Maritime Club, Portsmouth)

The Veterans Outread Service (based at the Maritime Club, Portsmouth) is a combination of public, private and charity sectors offering one-stop assistance pro bono to Armed Forces veterans, merchant navy in hostilities and their families needing help following military service.

This service includes legal, housing, financial, employment help and mental health support from psychiatrists, psychologists and  counsellors. Agencies include The Royal British Legion (TRBL), SSAFA, Combat Stress and a mix of locally based charities.

Support offered includes:

  1. A monthly drop-in centre at the Royal Maritime Club (RMC), Portsmouth to support Veterans or associated family members who are suffering or needing help.
  2. A one-stop shop covering advice on legal, housing, financial, employment and other general issues.
  3. Mental health support and psychological interventions including counselling and therapy.
  4. Signposting for veterans and associated family members towards further courses of treatment as required.

Other support offered - Welfare Assistance, Emotional Support, Employment Advice, Legal Advice, Family Support, Social Support, and Chaplain.

Thorney Island - visit the blog

The HIVE information service manages blogs for service leavers and veterans and includes information about employment opportunities, accommodation (military and civilian options), resettlement courses and housing briefings.

The service supports soldiers still serving and going through transition, assistance is also available for Foreign and Commonwealth soldiers and families requiring Visa's or wanting to apply for citizenship before leaving the forces. This service can signpost veterans to specific support services. 12 Regiment RA and 16 Regiment RA have Regimental Career Movement Officers who deal with the soldiers’ resettlement when leaving the Forces.

The service from Thorney Island includes the following areas; Thorney Island/Emsworth and Marchwood/Southampton but any service personnel can contact this service for help and support and will be referred if necessary - read their blog for further information

The Gosport, Fareham and Portsmouth areas are covered by the Royal Navy Welfare Team.

A FREE course is available to spouses on Thorney Island with Lifeworks who also run veterans’ courses.

National organisations with local representation

ABF (The Soldiers Charity)

ABF (The Soldiers Charity) has been the national charity of the British Army since 1944, they offer a lifetime of support to soldiers and former soldiers from the British Army and their immediate families when needed. Grants are made to individuals through their Regiments and Corps and they support a wide range of specialist charities that sustain the British Army ‘family’, both at home and around the world.

Education and Training:

Grants are available to provide equipment, courses and travel costs for those discharged from the Army on medical grounds and who are now looking for a new career path. This retraining covers practical courses i.e. HGV licences or vocational training i.e. Nursing.


This service  works closely with local and national employers to source insight days, industry mentors, interview and CV skills and work placements to ensure that these soldiers were prepared for, and had the best chance of, securing a new civilian career. Support is also given to army families, the elderly veterans and their immediate families and also in the areas of housing, mobility and wellbeing.

Careers Transition Partnership (CTP)

Career Transition Partnership (CTP) is the main service providing support for those transitioning re employment and training, the local resettlement centre is based at HMS Nelson, Portsmouth.

CTP Future Horizon offers support for veterans across all services that have served for 4 years or less (delivered by the RFEA, The Forces Employment Charity with the support of the CTP).

CTP Assist offers individualised and inspirational support in order to empower wounded, injured and sick service personnel

Levels of support offered:

If you have been with the services 6 years or more:

  • A Careers Transition workshop (CTW) - 3 day workshop and includes marketing skills, CV writing and interview techniques.
  • Self Employment Awareness - the one day Self-Employment Awareness Workshop is operated by X-Forces on behalf of the Career Transition Partnership. The aim of the day is to explore self-employment as an option for resettlement and to look at what you need to consider if you want to explore this further.
  • Follow on workshops include – interview techniques, a one-day workshop which uses role-playing to build on the techniques learned in the CTW and management consultancy - this workshop looks at what’s needed to become a successful manager or technical consultant, whether employed or self-employed.
  • Focus @ 4 - this workshop is designed for service leavers who are within the last four months prior to their discharge date and is a refresher of the topics that were covered in the Career Transition Workshop (CTW) that you would have undertaken earlier in your resettlement.
  • Individual career advice- as part of our Full Support Programme, you’ll be allocated a personal Career Consultant, who will be accessible throughout your resettlement. They will work with you to develop a Personal Resettlement Plan (PRP) - a timetable of actions designed to help you find a job or develop a career.
  • CTP RightJob is the CTP’s online job finding service, listing thousands of live vacancies for service leavers from local, national and international employers. We work with hundreds of organisations who recognise the benefits of recruiting from the ex-military talent pool, and value the experience and strong working ethos Service leavers bring with them.
  • Career Advice and Guidance - you can seek assistance and advice from your Career Consultant for up to two years after your discharge date. You can contact them by phone, email, or in person, whether it is to discuss a job application, get feedback on your CV, or simply to review your career direction. You are also able to attend CTP Employment Fairs.
  • Job Finding Assistance For Life - job finding assistance and access to RightJob is available through the RFEA Employment Compass Programme (ECP), a national employment support programme designed to address the employment needs of veteran personnel who no longer qualify for MOD Resettlement support and are returning to the employment market after 2 years post discharge from service. The RFEA’s aim is to assist veterans to secure quality, sustainable employment for the rest of their working life. RFEA has an unparalleled understanding of the skills and ambitions that ex-forces/veterans bring to the employment market. We also have a proven track record of helping all ranks, trades, backgrounds and services to find and remain in work. Indeed, in 2014 RFEA provided employment support to just over 4,000 veterans UK-wide.

If you have served 4 -6 years:

  • If you’ve completed four to six years of service, then you’re eligible for the Employment Support Programme from six months prior to discharge until two years after you have left.
  • CTP Rightjob
  • Employment events - employment fairs, live online chat events and company recruitment presentations are a great way of meeting potential employers and finding out about different career paths. They’re held at venues around the UK and in Germany.
  • Job finding assistance for life (as above).

Less than 4 years:

Veterans are eligible for resettlement support through CTP Future Horizons who will assist you in finding suitable employment or training when you leave the services. Through their network of partners, link you with the most appropriate level of support required to help with the transition from the military to civilian life. The programme will also help you identify the skills you need to achieve your new career, and will help you access relevant educational and developmental courses to support you in your job search. You’ll receive an extended one-off consultation with one of our Employment Advisors, prior to discharge. Together, you’ll undertake a full assessment of your needs and create a plan to overcome any barriers to work and to ensure you are ‘job ready’. The consultation will also include advice on housing, social benefits, service charities and a review of available training, development and education courses. You will receive a personalised service to meet your needs, and we will provide any referrals to appropriate providers for additional support.

Medical discharge (Wounded, injured or sick):

  • Full support programme that includes training, workshops and employment support.
  • CTP Assist offers specialist extra support to those who face the greatest barriers to employment. Employment support can take a variety of forms such as familiarisation visits, coaching and mentoring, training, apprenticeships and recovery placements (work attachments), as well as job offers. Recovery placements are designed to provide service personnel recovering from injury or illness with temporary placements with industry partners, as part of a preparation for return to duty or to ease transition to civilian life in the event of a medical discharge.

RFEA (Royal Forces Employment Charity)

The Royal Forces Employment Charity (RFEA) provides lifelong job finding, the type of support depends on the length of service and reasons for discharge. This service sources job opportunities for all ranks, trades and backgrounds, including reservists, early service leavers, the wounded and dependants. Further information can be located in the CTP section above.

Veterans Welfare Service

The Veterans Welfare Service enhances the quality of life for veterans and beneficiaries of Veterans UK and includes pensions, compensation schemes, and all their dependents, the service enables the seamless transition from service to civilian life, assist bereaved families or respond to life events that present welfare needs. Veterans Welfare Service caseworkers offer one to one professional help and guidance by telephone or home visit.

Under Veterans UK, the VWS works in partnership with the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force, ex-service charities, statutory and non-statutory bodies, local community service providers and the Veterans Advisory and Pensions Committees to deliver a quality welfare service that promotes independence, maintains dignity and provides continuous support through life.

National organisations

Army of Angels

The Army of Angels UK Forces Charity provides direct and indirect support to serving and veterans in the British Armed Forces who have been injured mentally or physically while serving in conflicts, including veterans of the wars in Europe, the Far East, the Falklands and the Gulf and  their families and co-dependents.

Army Personnel Recovery Units

Info on all Personnel Recovery Centres can be found on the and Royal Navy websites.

Army Personnel Recovery Units provide transition support for the most seriously wounded, injured and sick and have limited capacity. The Royal Navy and the RAF have similar units but with some differences. There are 11 Army PRUs in total across the UK and Germany in: Edinburgh, Preston, Catterick, Brecon, Donnington, Chilwell, Tidworth, Aldershot, London, Lisburn, and Sennelager. There are five PRC’s in Catterick, Colchester, Edinburgh, Tidworth and Sennelager (Germany) which provide crucial support for those wounded, injured and sick from across the Armed Forces undergoing recovery. Also a Battle Back Centre in Lilleshall, which specialises in Adaptive Sport and Adventurous Training. 

Built for the Armed Forces by Help for Heroes and The Royal British Legion, designed to offer a conducive military environment for recovery activities including welfare, medical, educational and resettlement courses. The gym facilities can be used as a base to start other activities from such as Battle Back courses, Graduated Return to Work programmes, work placements and mandatory Army training tests.

Portsmouth Recovery Cell (Royal Navy) currently provides Divisional support, advice, guidance and assistance for individuals assigned within the remit of HMS Nelson MA7, 6, 5 and MA4. The ultimate goal is to recover an individual to full time employment or facilitate a smooth transit from Service life via NSMBOS or natural TX / Notice ensuring individuals are best prepared for the future. The Recovery Cell currently man an out of hours Duty system/ phone which provides 24/7 contact/ advice direction as required. The Portsmouth Information Office, located within HMS Nelson, exists to provide bespoke information to the Service Community throughout Portsmouth and the surrounding areas.


CivvyStreet aims to provide support and mentoring for all those recently leaving, or about to leave, the forces who are looking for employment opportunities and a chance to redeploy the skills learned while serving.

CivvyStreet is available for anyone who has served in the UK Armed Services (regular or reserves), their widows, widowers, partners and dependants. Anyone with an Armed Services connection can apply to become a registered and approved member of CivvyStreet. Membership is validated against Armed Services number and branch.

FS (Forces support)

Forces Support (FS) provides general maintenance around the home and garden, the work the lost family member would have done for his or her family. 

Hampshire County Council

Hampshire County Council’s commitment to the Armed Forces as a local authority and employer has been recognised with a Gold Award within the MOD Employer Recognition Scheme.

Help the Heroes

Help for Heroes support our wounded, injured and sick (injuries gained in service, or that are service attributable, both physical and mental). Our service is available to WIS veterans and to some degree their immediate family for life. The nearest recovery centre is Wiltshire/Plymouth.

There are a number of service providers and charities that support veterans transitioning out of the forces.  During your resettlement process you  will have been given guidance and supported by the Career Transition Partnership (CTP), who in conjunction with other parties offer information on all sorts of areas from Housing and Benefits, through to Employment and Debt Management.  CTP should be the first port of call for any veteran, who left the services in the last 2 years; longer than this, and they fall ‘out of contract’ and then become reliant on the various service charities.

RAFBF (Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund)

The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund (RAFBF) is the RAF's leading welfare charity, they support all serving and former members of the RAF as well as their partners and dependent children.  The service signposts to the Careers Transition Partnership, Future Horizons partnership, RFEA, Civvy Street website,  Job centre plus, Lifeworks (5 day course) and Poppy Factory. Free support line telephone number: 0800 169 2942.

The nearest base; address: Building 167, RAF Benson, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, OX10 6AA/ telephone: 01491 837766 ext 6536 or 5299

RBL (Royal British Legion)

The Royal British Legion (RBL) provides financial, social and emotional care and support to all members of the British Armed Forces - past and present and their families. The Legion supports Service leavers to find employment and can also provide advice and guidance to partners and dependants of serving personnel. Local branch in Havant.


LifeWorks is a fully funded 5 day course which equips ex-Armed Forces personnel with the tools to get into and maintain a civilian job that is appropriate for them. Courses are available in Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool.


SSAFA support the transition from the forces to civvy street with the following: 

  • Housing - get support from our housing advisory service to help understand what happens next when you receive your notice to vacate service accommodation
  • Finances - work with our network of volunteers to get access to financial assistance, for example to help with rent deposit and removal costs
  • Signpost you to organisations who can help with specific issues

For guidance on finding a job and employment, we recommend that you contact CivvyStreet and the Regular Forces Employment Association.


SORTED! comprises seven well established charities, who are already providing a wide range of employment related services and help for individuals to find and retain work. This service will ensure you get the right information, advice and guidance to support your employment journey.

SORTED! has direct links with a large number of employers providing access to a wide range of vacancies as and when you are ready to move into work. Equally if it’s training you are looking for or simply advice on where to go next, SORTED! can help.