Ambition for Hayling Island seafront

An ambition for Hayling Island seafront image

Havant Borough Council wants to work with local residents, businesses and a range of other key stakeholders to develop and deliver ambitious and exciting plans to enhance the seafront and create an inspiring destination.  

We want to protect and enhance the precious natural environment, and create a happy, healthy and vibrant place.  

We want to develop a new approach to managing the seafront to drive up the quality of the resident and visitor experience. 

We want to explore opportunities to grow niche markets – such as watersports and activity holidays – improve access to the beach, including enhancements to the Billy Trail, strengthened connections across the seafront via new and enhanced cycle and walking routes facilitated by clear wayfinding signage. 

Our ambition for Hayling Seafront builds on work undertaken by Hemingway Design (January 2019) and Mace (December 2019/20). It sets out a clear ambition and framework for the future of the seafront.  It aims to enhance the range and quality of attractions, improve the environmental quality and urban design of the seafront and connect key attractors in ways that reflect the heritage of the island.  

Regeneration is focused at West Beach, Beachlands and Eastoke. 

  • West Beach – a focus for activity & nature 
  • Beachlands – a place for community & leisure 
  • Eastoke – a leisure & heritage offer 

Hayling seafront opportunities

An exciting opportunity exists to revitalise Hayling Island seafront, catering for the core local population, as well as attracting visitors and encouraging them to stay longer by providing a range of activities catering for all ages.

Key opportunities are separated into Local living, visitor opportunities and opportunities for all. These opportunities address some of the key challenges highlighted in the ambition.  

The opportunities cater for the core local population, as well as attracting visitors and encouraging them to stay longer by providing a range of activities catering for all ages.

Public engagement 

Public engagement on the draft ambition document closed on 28 November 2021. Before public engagement began, Havant Borough Council conducted a stakeholder mapping workshop to identify key stakeholders and best approach for engagement. 

We thank everyone for all the comments received over the engagement programme.  

The council received over 650 responses to the engagement programme through a variety of channels. A breakdown of channels and response numbers as follows:  

  • 266 responses to the online survey 
  • 74 responses via the online mapping tool 
  • 63 emails and letters received 
  • Over 280 attendees to two face-to-face events
  • 28 young people gave their views via school's engagement. 

The engagement was publicised through: 

  • Media and press releases 
  • Promotion of Social Media 
  • Promotion through Next Door and Gov Delivery bulletins 
  • Hayling Herald 
  • Hampshire Live 
  • Portsmouth News 
  • BBC Radio Solent 
  • BBC South Today 
  • Emails to stakeholders and businesses 
  • Posters 

The council is analysing all of the data gathered over the course of the engagement programme in a report which will be presented to Cabinet in the Spring. The report will be available on this page.  

Further updates on next steps will be available at that time. To keep up to date, you can join our mailing list.