Allocations Plan consultation, documentation and procedures

Prior to the draft of the Local Plan (Allocations) document being published for formal (Regulation 18) consultation on 3 December 2012, various informal consultations have taken place over the last twelve months to inform this document.

We have worked with communities and stakeholders throughout the borough to determine which sites out of those available should be allocated for housing, employment and other development. 

Allocations Plan Informal Consultation

We held an informal consultation exercise on the Local Plan (Allocations), which focused on options for new housing sites.

The consultation period ran for six weeks from 4 May to 15 June, and included twelve public exhibitions at various locations across the borough.

The consultation material set out the background to the Local Plan (Allocations) and in particular the borough’s housing requirements.

Stakeholder workshops

A number of informal stakeholder workshops, comprising representatives of the local community, took place in January and February 2012. 

Their purpose was for the council to gain an initial understanding of which sites the community considers suitable or unsuitable, and the reasons why.

Town District and Local Centres

We sought the views of local residents, businesses and developers on what they wanted from these centres and how they wanted them to develop in the future.  The feedback from this consultation fed into a more formal consultation, which took place in winter 2012, on allocating sites for a wider range of uses including housing, retail and industry.  

80 individuals and organisations responded to the consultation.