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Council Advertising Network (CAN)

We use the Council Advertising Network (CAN) to provide advertising across our site. 

CAN is formed from a network of local authorities generating revenue from appropriately sourced advertising.

Advertising policy

Our advertising policy is intended to provide guidelines as to the type of advertising that may be permitted.

CAN is responsible for delivering advertising on the Havant website, please take a moment to read their privacy policy which includes cookie information and details on how to opt out.


The presence of an advertisement on our website does not act as an endorsement or recommendation of the product or service that is advertised.

While we make every effort to make sure adverts meet standards set out in national guidelines, we’re not responsible for the quality or reliability of any products or services advertised.

We’re not responsible for any errors, omissions or consequences of visiting third party websites via advertising links on our site.

Advertising on our website

If you would like to place an advert on our website, or would like more information, please email advertisingteam@counciladvertising.net with details of your marketing objectives and budget.