Single person discount review 2019

As part of an anti-fraud initiative, the council is set to check all discounts awarded to single occupants of homes within the Borough. This is to ensure that people living in the Borough are paying the correct level of Council Tax, and the checks form part of the council’s measures to prevent and detect fraud.

Capita Local Public Services will be carrying out a comprehensive review, which will start later this month. They will work with Experian, the credit reference agency, using up-to-the-minute data-matching technology to identify where people may be claiming discounts that they are not entitled to.

Consideration may also be given to imposing a penalty of £70 where there has been a failure to notify the council of a change in circumstances. Residents who do not live alone may also be prosecuted and will have to pay back the amount that has been incorrectly awarded.

If you are claiming the discount and do live alone, there’s no need to worry. Anyone incorrectly claiming should contact the Council Tax team to avoid action being taken on 02392 446317 or email

Under the Data Protection legislation, we are able to use data held by credit reference agencies to investigate single person discount claims. Your data remains secure and will only be used for the review. Our privacy notice explains how we use information about you and how we protect your privacy.