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Serving You - Spring 2018 


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Quick news

Council meetings

If you’re interested in attending one of Havant Borough Council’s meetings then there is a complete list online at These are all open to the public.

Make sure you’re registered to vote by 17 April 2018

Residents are not automatically registered to vote. But you can do this easily and quickly online at If you have recently moved house, are about to turn 18 or have changed your name then you also need to update your details.

No charge for paying with card when parking

Visitors paying for parking with their cards will have no surcharge added to their ticket price thanks to recent changes to the council’s meter. A new change in the law means the extra charges imposed by credit and debit card companies can no longer be passed on to the customer.

Find out more on Facebook

Have you visited the ‘What’s on in Havant Borough’ Facebook page? Like or follow the page to receive up-to-date information regarding your local area including events, news, jobs and volunteer opportunities. You can also request for your event to appear on this page by using Facebook messaging.

Residents help shape plan to guide development

In January, the Havant Borough Council held a major public consultation on the Draft Havant Borough Local Plan 2036.

This sets out what the borough should be like in 20 years’ time and what development and change is needed to get us there.

There was a really good response to the consultation and residents took time to discuss the proposals with the planning team at one of the many public exhibitions.

The planning team will now be looking through the comments that were made in detail and assessing what changes are needed to the proposals in the plan. A detailed ‘evidence base’ is also being developed for the plan, including a transport assessment which will look at how development will affect the road networks in the area.

Also being looked at are the development options for Langstone Technology Park which could provide a new location for high-skilled jobs for the 21st Century.

The detail of any proposed development at Langstone Technology would be subject to further consultation.

Once all this is done the team will be preparing a ‘Pre-Submission Local Plan’ which is ultimately the version of the strategy that the council considers complete and should be adopted.

This will be subject to further consultation before it is submitted to central Government. An independent planning inspector will then examine the plan to make sure that it has been prepared appropriately and meets the Government’s ‘soundness’ tests.

#OurDay to Shine

In November 2017, Havant Borough Council once again joined local authorities and other public sector organisations across the country in #OurDay – a ‘Tweetathon’ to recognise all of the services we provide.

This annual event provides us with the opportunity to share some more detail with residents about the broad range of services we provide. On #OurDay 2017 we tweeted 28 times and reached more than 9,700 people.

Protecting your coastline

The award-winning Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership (ESCP) manages a whopping 162km of Hampshire's coastline from Fareham right across to Havant.

The ESCP was formed in 2012 and since then it has been delivering projects to extremely high standards, reducing coastal flood and erosion risk to thousands of properties whilst enhancing the shoreline for our communities.

The partnership formed in 2012 and is an alliance between Fareham Borough Council, Gosport Borough Council, Portsmouth City Council and Havant Borough Council. It has surpassed the work that each local authority could have achieved in isolation, delivering multi-million pound projects whilst making a combined saving of £1.5million By working with partners this way, the ESCP ensures that its projects deliver in ways which usual coastal projects don’t, being able to uniquely support public health and well-being.

Work of national importance

The team, of specialist coastal officers and engineers, and its approach has been identified as an example of best practice by the Environmental Agency and Defra.

Its work is bringing our coastline to national attention and is helping Havant Borough Council demonstrate the importance of our local infrastructure to central Government.

Delivering vital projects

The ESCP has delivered vital projects within Havant borough. In 2012, the ESCP produced the first South Hayling Beach Management plan – which detailed the actions needed to maintain the Hayling Beach and its structures that provide protection along the coast.

As part of the plan, the ESCP has replenished shingle at South Hayling Beach, most recently in 2016, and has delivered regular maintenance on existing sea defences, including the West Beach, Norebarn Woods and Broadmarsh Costal Park revetments.

Award-winning work

Th unique work of the ESCP team has been continually recognised through various local and national awards, including; The MJ Local Government Commendation for Partnership Working (2016), Havant Borough Council Team of the Year (2016,2017) and the London South East Constructing and Excellence Award (2017).

The future

The ESCP continues to plan the future of our coastline, with long-term projects within Havant borough already underway.

Last year, funding was secured by the ESCP for the next five years of the Hayling Beach Management plan – continuing the successful work carried out since 2012.

Old pavilion gets a new look

Bidbury Mead Pavilion has been revitalised after undergoing a £100,000 refurbishment.

The historic facility, located at the front of Bidbury Mead Recreation Ground, had fallen on hard times, with its interior needing a complete refresh.

The project – managed by Havant Borough Council – was grant funded by Hampshire County Council and completed by contractors Createability Limited.

An updated layout including new toilets and changing rooms as well as a new lobby area and boiler room ensures the space meets modern guidelines and provides increased flexibility. Following the works, the pavilion remains a sustainable facility which will continue to benefit the local community for years to come.

Think before you ink

If you are thinking of having a tattoo or a body-piercing there is more to think about than what to have or where on your body to have it - ensuring you have chosen the right person to do it is extremely important.

Unregistered tattooists, ‘scratchers’ or body piercers may operate in unhygienic conditions with poor quality equipment. If strict hygiene requirements are not being followed there could be an increased risk to health. Your piercing or tattoo could become infected and there is an increased chance of contracting an infection particularly blood borne infections such as Hepatitis and HIV, which can have more serious and long term health consequences.

All tattoo businesses and artists operating in the borough must be registered individually with Havant Borough Council, who operate a registration scheme. The tattoo artist and premises must comply with the council’s by-laws and legal requirements, which also include strict hygiene procedures and practices.

If you have any concerns about a person working from an unregistered premise, an unregistered artist or poor hygiene at a tattoo studio please report it to us on 023 9244 6490. It is also against the law for anyone under the age of 18 to be tattooed, even with parental

consent and any underage tattooing must be reported to the police by calling 101. Tattoo artists who are found guilty of tattooing anyone under age can be fined up to £1,000.

Got to be in it to win it

At the beginning of April, the first draw of the Havant Community Lottery will take place – and we all know you’ve got to be in it to win it.

The new online lottery will support local good causes and gives you the chance to win up to £25,000.

Tickets will cost £1 with 60p towards local good causes, compared to just 28p in the pound for the National Lottery.

The draw will be weekly with a jackpot of £25,000 for a matching sequence of six numbers, other prizes are £2,000, £250, £25 or three free tickets.

Local good causes have set up their own lottery pages and will receive 50p in every pound spent by players who have selected them during the sign-up process. A further 10p in every pound will go into a general good causes fund, and the remainder will be put towards prizes, operating costs and VAT.

Players who do not wish to support a specific cause can still take part in the Havant Community Lottery, with 60p of their ticket price going into the general good causes fund. The distribution of this fund will be decided by a panel made up of council and community representatives.

Signing-up is quick and easy and can be completed online via our website: First draw will take place on Saturday 7 April 2018.

Stop before you chop

If you are planning work on your tree, it is important you do it right!

Seek advice

Contact the Havant Borough Council or a tree surgeon; explore whether a planning application is needed or whether the tree is protected.

Be insured

When hiring a tree surgeon, always ask to see a current certificate of insurance. This will cover against any third-party claims and other risks.

Be qualified

Ensure your tree surgeon is qualified to do the work. Competent tree surgeons have certificates indicating that they have been trained and assessed, they will use safety equipment to protect you, your property and themselves.

Enquire about the waste

Fly-tipping can result in prosecution or a fine, make sure any tree material is disposed of legally.

Do you care about your community?

You could become a Havant Councillor

As a councillor you would be involved in shaping quality services for your community, making decisions which impact residents and ensuring that high quality services are delivered as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Each year local elections are held to elect representatives for wards within the borough.

Councillors come from all walks of life and are ambassadors for the community. The minimum age requirement is 18: there is no maximum age limit.

You must be a British , Commonwealth or European citizen and need to be a local elector or have lived, worked, owned or rented property in the borough for at least one year. If elected, you will be required to attend regular meetings and help constituents with any queries they may have.

The formal election process for Thursday 3 May 2018 will begin with the publication of the Notice of Election on Tuesday 27 March for all 14 Wards in the borough.

Making our councillors the best they can be

Councillors in Havant can expect top-class training as standard after its Councillor Development Programme earns Charter Status for quality.

All councillors are signed-up to the officially recognised professional development programme which is invaluable in helping them to excel in their roles as elected members and community leaders.

Elected councillors are not full-time professionals and have to balance the needs and interests of residents, the political party they represent (if any) and the council.

It's never expected that all councillors immediately have all the tools, training, experience and competencies that might be required, so the emphasis is on ensuring that all councillors are appropriately trained and supported so that they can be effective in their roles.

Designed by councillors - for councillors, the comprehensive programme provides an opportunity for councillors to achieve recognition of the development of their skills, knowledge and experience they have gained. Key initiatives implemented included raising the profile of councillor training, the introduction of an annual Training Needs Analysis, improved promotion of training offered and regular monitoring of feedback and attendance.

To achieve the charter accreditation each council had to demonstrate three essential criteria:

  • Show clear commitment to councillor development and support
  • The council has a strategic approach to councillor development
  • Learning and development is effective in building councillor capacity.

Meet the Bird Aware rangers

Havant borough is fortunate enough to be blessed with 60km of coastline which is of international importance.

The coastline around Havant is protected by law and recognised internationally for its ecological value. Both Langstone and Chichester Harbours have been designated as a Special Protection Area (SPA).

Langstone Harbour - and the wider Solent region as a whole - is home to a wealth of birds

which return to ‘overwinter’ along our coastline, surviving on the rich food resource it provides. Several internationally important species rely on our coastline, including the ringed plover and black-tailed godwit who are on the RSPB’s red list – the highest conservation priority and requiring urgent action. 13% of the UK population of brent geese rely on Langstone and Chichester Harbours to survive.

Conditions are tough for the birds reliant on our coastline for food – especially when the tides and lack of daylight hours limit access to food. As a result, any additional human disturbance can literally be a matter of life and death for these birds.

Havant Borough Council is proud to be a partner in Bird Aware Solent - a partnership of local councils and conservation bodies.

Funded by contributions from developments, the partnership’s aim is to raise awareness of these amazing birds and help people to enjoy the coast without disturbing them.

The council has recently confirmed its long-term involvement in the partnership and its continued investment in an expanding team of rangers, following the approval of the Solent Recreation Mitigation Strategy.

A dedicated team of rangers has been working throughout the winter, meeting residents and helping them to enjoy our coast while limiting bird disturbance. They work tirelessly and, in addition to their work on our coastline, hold a range of family events and activities throughout the year. Bird Aware’s website provides a wealth of information on the birds and the amazing coastline too.

The rangers would love to meet you – either on the coast or at an event. They might have some goodies to share with you too!

Why not find out where they are next at

Ten years of Making Space

Making a difference

Since its opening, Making Space has been making positive differences to people’s lives, creating opportunities for people to enjoy and take part in high quality craft. Based in the heart of Leigh Park, this small arts charity offers excellent experiences through the design and making process. More than 28,000 people of all ages have tried new things, discovered untapped skills, made new friends and felt a real sense of achievement by making something unique to them.

Royal return

To celebrate its 10th year in Leigh Park, HRH Princess Royal made a return visit after opening the Making Space venue back in 2007. Following a greeting with the Mayor of Havant, HRH Princess Royal took a guided tour, entering artists’ studios to look at work and chat with artists, before greeting children and adults who showcased jewellery, fashion and gilded frames they had made on various projects. There was also a preview of The Power of Tin, a joint fundraiser organised by Making Space. All works were auctioned later that evening with proceeds shared with Rowans Hospice, a project partner.

Community focussed

Making Space is outward looking and believes in the importance of sharing new ideas and collaborating with others. During its 10 years Making Space has deepened its connection locally and feels very fortunate to work out of such a bespoke purpose-built arts venue, which is owned by Hampshire County Council. Making Space receives regular funding from Hampshire County Council and Havant Borough Council.

Nationally recognised

In January, Making Space announced that it is one of just over 100 organisations nationally to be awarded a special grant which will enable the charity to evolve as it looks to new partnerships and new ways to diversify its funding to keep innovating and contributing to the crafting community.

Get active at Front Lawn

After its official opening in January, residents are now able enjoy the impressive Front Lawn Community Hub.

The sports facility located at Somborne Drive, Leigh Park, has been given a £1.6m facelift to provide improved facilities.

Front Lawn now boasts four changing rooms, community space with training facilities, the borough’s largest state-of-the-art third generation (3G) artificial grass flood lit pitch and multi-sport hard courts.

The improvements mean Havant Borough Council can better provide opportunities for skills and employability training, opportunities to get active and be healthy, and extra capacity for local sports teams.

Havant schools aiming to find a pollution solution

Four schools in Havant are testing local air quality to highlight the pollution caused by school run traffic.

Barncroft Primary, Trosnant Juniors, Bosmere Juniors, and Hart Plain Juniors are all involved in the Hampshire County Council initiative, during which air pollution is being monitored using equipment donated by Havant Borough Council.

Schools are measuring nitrogen dioxide; a harmful pollutant emitted by vehicles. In early February, monitoring equipment was placed around the schools near vehicle drop-off points and in locations more isolated from cars and traffic.

The readings will be analysed, with help from Havant Borough Council, and are expected to show the impact school runs have on the local environment.

Each school will use its findings to plan an air quality campaign that will encourage parents to limit pollution during their journey to school.

It is hoped this campaign will motivate parents and students to consider more environmentally friendly options, such as walking and cycling, when travelling to and from school.

Man with a scam

Fly-tipping is a crime. It damages the environment and represents a public health risk.

Getting someone to dispose of unwanted items can be a real help. Just make sure you use an approved licensed waste carrier – if someone dumps your waste illegally, YOU could be fined up to £400.