Local Development Scheme

The Local Development Scheme (LDS) lists the local Development Documents that make up the Local Plan. It sets out the existing planning polices and a timetable for the preparation of each new document.

The Council’s Annual Monitoring Report is published annually and assesses and reports on the progress being made in respect of the preparation of Local Plan documents against the milestones in the LDS.

The most recent LDS for Havant Borough was published on 8 December 2017.

Adopted and approved Local Development Documents

Title of Document Type Date adopted or approved
Havant Borough Local Plan (Allocations) Development Plan Document  Adopted 23 July 2014
Havant Borough Local Plan (Core Strategy) (pdf 2.83 mb) Development Plan Document Adopted 1 March 2011
Statement of Community Involvement (pdf 344 kb)  Document Approved 19 Dec 2013
Borough Design Guide SupplementaryPlanning Document Adopted 14 December 2011
Housing SupplementaryPlanning Document Adopted 27 July 2011
Residential Parking and Cycle Provision (pdf 520 kb) SupplementaryPlanning Document Adopted 22 March 2010
Havant Public Service Village (pdf 2.63 mb) SupplementaryPlanning Document Adopted 17 February 2010
Leigh Park Strategic Framework (pdf 1.77 mb) SupplementaryPlanning Document Adopted July 2006
Havant Town Centre Urban Design Framework (pdf 3.55 mb) SupplementaryPlanning Document Adopted April 2006

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

Title of Document Date adopted or approved
Draft Charging Schedule Approved 20 February 2013
CIL Instalments and Exemption Policy Approved  17 April 2013
CIL 123 List 1 August 2013
CIL Spending and decision on 'meaningful proportion' 23 July 2014

Other approved Supplementary Guidance includes Waterlooville Town Centre Urban Design Framework.