Community Infrastructure Levy Spending Decisions

At Council on 22 February 2017, the following decision was made:

(i) The Council invests part of the available CIL Pot of £1,250,724.12 in the following capital infrastructure projects:

(a) Langstone Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Scheme (FCERM) Feasibility Assessment £75,000;
(b) Southmoor Lane, Harts Farm Way Junction Improvements (Short Term) £190,405;
(c) Havant Railway Footbridge Detailed Design up to £150,000, subject to negotiation with Hampshire County Council
(d) Warblington Station Footbridge – Whilst the funding bid for Warblington Station Footbridge scored very highly using the CIL Protocol, the option of Network Rail providing this infrastructure will be explored. S106 funds of £647,784 have already been secured until 2025 to support this project. A contribution from CIL will be considered further during the next round of bidding.

(ii) That the council invest part of the available Neighbourhood Portion of £163,305.49 in the following projects:

a) The Hub – Hayling Island Community Centre Association £42,638
b) Northney Coastal Path up to £90,000 – Funding will be contingent upon other funding opportunities having been exhausted and planning permission being obtained. As there is some uncertainty over the delivery of this project at present it is recommended that a three year time limit is added to this recommendation (that funds be spent by the Council by 31 March 2020).

Historical CIL spending decisions

At Council on 18 February 2015, the following decision was made:

  1. Up to £50,000 of CIL funding be used, working in partnership with Hampshire County Council, to commission a feasibility study into the costs, options for construction and a business case for the Havant Station footbridge to lever in funding from other sources;
  2. Remaining funds collected up to 31 March 2015 to be carried forward, pending the outcome of the studies for the Havant Station Footbridge and the Southmoor Lane/Harts Farm Way junction signalisation options;
  3. Other bids be not supported at this time due to the limited funds currently available from the Community Infrastructure Levy.

2016 update: The final spend on the project identified in item 1 was £32,864.59.