Planning & Development

Development Management (Planning)

Information and advice about planning applications, planning permissions, pre applications and charges

Building Control

Information and guidance on building regulations, inspections and charges. Legal requirements and code of practice for building construction, materials, access and fire precautions.
•    Building Control
•    What are Building Regulations?
•    How do I apply?
•    Site Inspections
•    Building Regulation Fees

Planning Policy & Design

Policies and plans for future development in the Borough of Havant. Information on infrastructure and developers’ contributions. Details of listed buildings and conservation areas.
•    Planning Policy and Design
•    Consultations and Latest News from Planning Policy
•    Havant Borough Local Plan (Core Strategy) March 2011
•    Havant Borough Local Plan (Allocations) July 2014
•    Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)
•    Building Conservation and Heritage 

Diversity Profile information also available 

Land Charges

Land & property searches, fees and advice.
•    Land Charges, searches and fees

Planning Services

Planning Portal (external website)  
Search, view and submit planning applications online. The Planning Portal is the UK Government's online planning and building regulations resource for England and Wales.

Planning Maps (external website) 
Purchase maps online to accompany planning applications.

Customer Services Reception Desk (Drop in)
Planning/Development Control Queries: ask at the Customer Services desk for general enquiries.  It is advisable to telephone ahead if you think you will require assistance from a member of the Planning team.

Building Control Queries: Building Control Officers are available prior to 10 am and for a short time after 3 pm.  It is advisable to make your enquiry by telephone in the first instance.

Planning Officer (Appointment only)
Speak to the case officer about a current application.
Seek planning advice prior to submitting an application.  
Research specific property history.