Other collection services

Who collects which type of waste?

Please refer to the table below for who is responsible for collecting which type of waste.

Waste type Local District Council Household Waste Recycling Centre Private Contractor (see Yellow Pages) Notes
Abandoned vehicles Y      
Animal waste Y      
Asbestos   Y Y  
Batteries (domestic dry cell) Y     Double wrap and place in bin
Bulky waste e.g. old beds, sofas, fridges (see process below) Y Y    
Refuse or Recycling bin not emptied or stolen Y      
Caravans/boats     Y  
Car batteries   Y    
Chemicals/pharmaceuticals     Y Local chemist
Clinical waste Y      
Composting (at home) Y      
Commercial waste (see process below)   Y Y  
Confidential waste     Y Hampshire Confidential Waste Shredder: 023 9265 1154
Dead animals (roadside) Y      
Fluorescent tubes   Y    
Fly tipping Y     Environment Agency: 0870 8506506
Garden waste Y Y   023 9244 6010
Gas bottles   Y   Return to supplier
Hazardous household waste Contact Customer Services     023 9244 6010
Oil tanks     Y Local Scrapyard
Paint   Y    
Petrol/paraffin     Y Local garage/motor repair
Rubble and soil   Y    
Trade waste (including trade recycling)     Y Environment Agency: 0870 8506506
Tyres     Y Local tyre supplier

How can I dispose of large/bulky household items?

If you have large/bulky household items to dispose of, there are a number of charitable organisations that may be able to assist.

The council also offers a chargeable collection service to residents of the borough. Charges vary depending on the number of items required for collection, contact Customer Services on 023 9244 6010 who will inform you of the charges and explain the procedure.

All payments must be received before a collection date can be arranged. Collections will be carried out within seven days of payment, and you will be given a scheduled day for collection.

Items for collection must be clearly accessible on foot, nothing must be obstructing access. Council staff are not permitted to enter premises and if you live in a flat above ground level, all items must be brought down to an agreed collection point on ground level - lift or stairs can not be used.

Alternatively, you can take your items to one of the local recycling centres.

What large/bulky household items can be collected?

Items such as ovens, TVs, computers, furniture (including carpets, beds and mattresses), bulk timber (almost anything that won't fit into a wheeled bin) can be collected as long as it can be moved by two council staff.

What large/bulky household items cannot be collected?

We will not take garden waste as part of this service, however we do offer a garden waste service.

No builders rubble or soil will be collected. Small quantities should be taken to one of your local recycling centres.

Larger quantities of rubble and soil, even if carried out as a DIY project, are actually commercial waste and the disposal needs to be arranged using a commercial waste company. 

Business or commercial waste

Havant Borough Council does not collect business or trade waste, but a list of contractors providing this service can be found on:

How can I dispose of hazardous waste?

Hazardous waste such as asbestos, flammable liquids or poisons requires special handling please contact Customer Services on 023 9244 6010 for advice on disposal.

Clinical waste collection service

We provide a free weekly collection service, to householders who need to dispose of clinical waste as a result of treatment at home.

For further information please contact Customer Services on 023 9244 6010. You will be asked to complete a healthcare referral form, which needs to be signed by your GP, when this is returned we can offer you a weekly or on request collection.

Collections are done on a Wednesday across the borough, all the waste is taken for specialised incineration in Portsmouth.

Bags/containers must be put out for collection at the agreed pick up point by 7am on collection day.

Please note that we do not collect clinical waste from commercial premises - arrangements should be made with a private contractor.

Disposal of syringes

If you find a syringe or needle discarded around the borough, do not attempt to remove it yourself.  Please notify the council immediately, so we can safely dispose of it as quickly as possible.