Mayor of Havant

The Mayor is the Borough's "First Citizen". A different member of the council is elected to this office each year at the Annual Council Meeting in May. The Mayor chairs meetings of the Borough Council. Each Mayor selects at least one local charity to support each year through fund raising. Many residents of the borough have benefited from this in past years.

The Mayor maintains and furthers links between organisations and bodies, both voluntary and commercial, and the council and promotes the borough on visits elsewhere.

Who is the Mayor of Havant at the moment?

The Mayor of Havant for the 2018-19 Municipal Year is Councillor Peter Wade. The Deputy Mayor is Councillor Diana Patrick.

What does the Mayor do?

  • Presides over meetings of the council so that its business can be carried out efficiently and with regard to the rights of councillors and the interests of the community
  • Ensures that the council meeting is a forum for the debate of matters of concern to the local community and the place at which members who are not on the Cabinet are able to hold the Cabinet and committee chairmen to account
  • Promotes public involvement in the council's activities
  • Can be the "conscience" of the council
  • Attends such civic and ceremonial functions as the council as he/she determines appropriate
  • The Mayor is available to attend functions and activities, arranged either to promote the borough, or for charitable causes.

The role of the Mayor other than as Chairman of the Council, is wholly one arising from custom and practice. In 1974 the council (legally a district council) petitioned for the right to be called a borough and being granted that status, was and is entitled to call its chairman "Mayor".

The Mayor is elected for one year, having usually served an "apprenticeship" of one year as Deputy Mayor. Precisely what happens during a Mayoral year depends almost entirely on the personality, wishes and views of the Mayor. There is a pattern, however, along the following lines:

  • There will be one or more good causes to which the Mayor will devote considerable time and energy, both through fund raising and by giving and obtaining publicity
  • The Mayor will represent the Borough at Civic and related events both within and outside the borough
  • He/she will often be the principal guest of local and national charitable and business organisations, schools etc
  • He/she should encourage by deed and help all voluntary organisations in the borough.

What is the correct way of addressing the Mayor?

The full title of the Mayor is: The Worshipful the Mayor of Havant.

What are the Mayor's Charities?

It is traditional for the Mayor of Havant to choose a charity or good cause to support during their year in office. The Mayor's Charity Appeal 2018-19 will be given to the below charities.

For further information please contact the Mayor’s Secretary: on 023 9244 6152 or e-mail

The Rowans Hospice

Rowans Hospice has been part of our local community for the past 24 years and through this time, has served us by providing high quality specialist care for people with serious and life-limiting illness. There are sadly not many people within our community that have not been touched in some way by this charity as we are all likely to have friends, neighbours and family members who will have received care.

In recent years, Rowans Hospice has built a new facility the Living Well Centre, where the emphasis is to support people who are living with progressive chronic illnesses, irreversible frailty and when prognosis may be uncertain. Rowans has recognised that when there are uncertainties in life more help and support is often needed. Through this centre the aim is to maximise health and wellbeing, supporting independence and ensuring the whole family are supported, this includes the lay carer, often a family member or close friend and at times, children and young adults who are supported through Rowans Meerkat Service.

The care provided by Rowans complements the care delivered by the NHS with the majority of services funded purely by charitable donations, grant making trusts and gifts in wills. £5.9million needs to be raised by Rowans every year with a total expenditure of £6.5million. Services delivered to this area represent approximately one third of the activity; care that is delivered to in-patents, through Day Care and Rowans Living Well Services and importantly to people in their own homes. The multi-professional specialist team are trained and educated in this highly specialist field to do everything they can to alleviate distress and promote quality of life. Educating and training others who deliver end of life care is also very important with courses delivered into nursing and residential care homes, into hospitals and offered to our community health and social care professionals. The impact of their service reaches far wider that the building with services supporting those with dementia, our veteran community and even a collaborative project with Southdowns College where they are teaching cooking skills for the bereaved.

When my wife and I visited the Rowans Hospice we were overwhelmed with what we saw and heard about the service and as our local hospice approaches their Silver Jubilee, we wanted to support their fundraising efforts.

Riverside School, Waterlooville

Riverside School at Waterlooville, is a happy, creative and hardworking school that meets the needs of pupils from 4-11 years old who have special educational needs. These pupils need a more specialised and individualised learning environment that helps them to become independent and successful learners.

There are currently 105 pupils attending the school. Many of their pupils cannot communicate using conventional means – they need the adults to sign, use symbols, communication aids and some acting skills to ensure that they can clearly make their needs, wants and opinions known. A high number of the pupils with social and communication difficulties, autism, speech and language problems as well as learning difficulties. The aim at Riverside is for each pupil to learn to be as independent as possible, through learning to read, communicate, play and socialise successfully.

A before school play and breakfast club in run, as well as an after-school club. Pupils learn to ride bikes, care for the school's four guinea pigs, play cricket, grow vegetables, make friends and learn to make sense of the world around them. Riverside highly values its local community and the children are often taken out on trips in the surrounding area.

In October 2016, Riverside was given an 'Outstanding' judgement from Ofsted, which is a testament to the hard work of all their staff and pupils.

The school is currently in need of a new sensory room that will help their pupils to practice their skills in an environment that can be adapted to meet their needs – including different smells, sights and experiences.