Local Requirements List

Local planning authorities are required to publish a list of their information requirements for applications which should be proportionate to the nature and scale of development proposals and reviewed every two years.

The Local Requirements List is published below – this version was approved and came into effect on 9 April 2018.

Local Information Requirements for Havant Borough Council - Spring 2018 (pdf 519 kb)

New Consultation period: Draft Local List 4 February – 18 March 2019

As part of the work on the Local Plan 2036, Havant Borough Council has modified the Local Requirements List in line with emerging policies.

If you wish to comment on the proposed changes to the Local List, please email your comments by 5pm on 18 March 2019 to planning.design@havant.gov.uk with the subject ‘Local List Consultation’. All comments will be collated and analysed at the end of the consultation period.

Key Amendments

The list below highlights key changes only, it does not cover all the proposed changes to the Local List.

Aquifer Source Protection Zone

New requirement for non-householder development within an Aquifer Source Protection Zone to provide a Conceptual Site Model and Risk Assessment

Drainage Strategy

Extension of requirement to all applications for new dwellings or non-residential floor space (previously only majors) to provide a Drainage Strategy (SuDS)

Ecological Assessment 

  1. requirement for a site specific ecological assessment for 1 or more new dwellings
  2. requirement for Habitats Regulations Assessment on sites on or adjacent to Brent Goose sites
  3.  requirement to show Biodiversity Net Gain

Housing Quality Statement

New requirement to all applications for new dwellings to provide a Housing Quality Statement to cover design and amenity criteria, including space standards

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

New requirement for applications considered to have a significant impact on the landscape, townscape or seascape to provide a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

Marketing Statement

Amendments to the marketing requirement relating to development or change of use of community facilities; A1 retail units; convenience shops; land or premises used for tourism purposes

Parking Provision

Amendment to the parking provision requirement to include an access plan to show vehicles can enter and leave premises in a forward gear

Soil Survey

New requirements for development proposals on greenfield sites outside of the settlement boundary to be supported by an appropriate soil survey

If you have any questions about the consultation, please telephone 023 9244 6530, or email planning.policy@havant.gov.uk