Local Requirements List

Local planning authorities are required to publish a list of their information requirements for applications which should be proportionate to the nature and scale of development proposals and reviewed every two years.

The Local Requirements List is published below – this version was approved and came into effect on 9 April 2018.

End of Consultation period: Draft Local List 12 February – 26 March 2018

A draft local list review was launched for a 6-week consultation period from Monday 12 February 2018 and ending on Monday 26 March 2018.

During preparation of the draft list, no new requirements nor any significant change to the existing requirements were necessary, although some entries were updated with minor changes, including updates to all guidance, references and links where necessary. 

Agents were notified of the consultation by email and at the February Agents’ Meeting and the draft document was available on the Havant Borough Council website for the 6 week period.  No comments were received in respect of the draft document and the final version is published without any further amendment.

The list is reviewed on an annual basis; the next review is due in Spring 2019.

Please note: Whilst we are moving towards complete electronic processing in general, we are including a requirement for one hard copy of plans for major applications.  This benefits both the LPA and the developer as it enables the validation team to process your major application more efficiently.