Local Plan Housing Statement (LPHS)

The Local Plan Housing Statement (LPHS) was adopted by Full Council on Wednesday 7 December 2016.

The LPHS was the first step in the review of the Local Plan.  The LPHS is a clear position statement as to which sites the council considers could deliver sustainable development to address the borough’s housing need up to 2036; providing that the necessary infrastructure is provided alongside new housing.  The LPHS is an interim statement, a stepping stone in the development of the Havant Borough Local Plan 2036 (HBLP).  It will be used when making decisions on planning applications for housing sites whilst the HBLP is in production.

The consultation on the Draft Local Plan Housing Statement

Prior to the adoption of the LPHS, the Draft Local Plan Housing Statement was sent out to public consultation from 25 July to 9 September 2016.

During this time, the council received a high response to the consultation.  The responses are available in full below.  For assistance in viewing the responses received, please view our Response Instruction Guide.

The responses received during the consultation were used to assess how the Local Plan Housing Statement should be changed before its submission through the council’s democratic services.  A summary of the responses received and the council’s responses/changes can be found below: