Active Travel Study

Supporting the development of a walking and cycling culture in Havant Borough

 Government policy favours investment in active means of travel - so called because it encourages the traveller to exercise whilst getting from A to B, with all the attendant health benefits (and saving the traveller money).

The main Government policy document on this subject is available as a PDF on the Department for Transport's web site. Chapter 5 of 'Creating Growth, Cutting Carbon' (external link - pdf) considers Active Travel as part of the UK 's overall transport strategy in which walking and cycling take precedence over the private car for short journeys (up to 5km).

Getting more people walking and cycling more often

The council is encouraging all our residents, visitors and employers to adopt the most sustainable travel mode for their journey wherever possible and as far as they are able. Walking and cycling are carbon emission free at the point of use, and carry all sorts of health benefits as well as helping people to save money whilst supporting local businesses.

We carried out a public consultation on a draft of the 'Active Travel Strategy' between June and September 2011. Almost all of the responses were supportive of the aims and objectives of the strategy, with many detailed comments expanding particular areas of interest or concern, although some were of a level of detail inappropriate for the study's coverage.

After we had reviewed and commented upon each response, the council adopted the overarching 'Active Travel Study' (better reflecting its content) which contains the Walking Strategy and Cycling Strategy as separate, stand-alone sections. This study now provides the framework for our investment over the period 2011 - 2016 as we further develop the network of cycling and walking routes across the borough, joining up our routes with those provided by our neighbouring authorities as well as to the National Cycle Network.

To achieve this we will be working with partners such as Sustrans (external link) and Hampshire County Council, and engaging in nationwide projects such as 'Links to School'. We're also working with the open source community in developing the CycleStreets journey planner (external link) which will supplement our cycle network map with an online route planning facility.

Important note: Since the publication of this document a new mechanism for identifying potential schemes has been introduced by Hampshire County Council. Reference to the 'Transport Contributions Policy List' in Appendix B (page 54) should now refer to the 'Havant Borough Transport Statement' on the County Council's website. The lists are essentially the same although a further round of consultation was carried out by Hampshire County Council in 2013 to produce the Transport Statement list to remove some of the schemes on the earlier list which were found to be either not technically feasible or had been completed.