Apply for Council Tax discounts online

You can submit an application for any of the discounts below by clicking on the relevant link and completing the form.

Single Persons' Discount (SPD) is a 25% discount which is applicable where a person is the sole occupant of a property who is over eighteen years of age. The discount can only be applied at the claimant's sole or main residence.

If you are already in receipt of SPD and another adult has moved into your property, you can use this form to inform the Council.

If an occupant of a property is deemed to be a full-time student, they would be disregarded for Council Tax purposes. As long as there is only one remaining party who has not already been disregarded, this would result in a 25% reduction to the Council Tax liability. If a property is occupied solely by full-time students, the property would be made exempt from Council Tax.

If the council has obtained a Liability Order for non-payment of Council Tax against you, but as yet no further recovery action has been taken, you can submit a proposal to repay the outstanding balance. Once you have submitted your proposal, it will be assessed and you will be contacted by the Council Tax department who will advise whether it is acceptable.

If you want to apply for a discount which is not shown, please contact the Council Tax department directly by email at