Calculate if you are eligible for a Council Tax discount

You can calculate if you are are eligible for a Council Tax discount quite simply.

First write a list of all the people living in your property. Then cross of those who are exempt from paying Council Tax or are eligible for a discount.

For example:

People in my property:

  • Husband, full-time employed, no disabilities.
  • Son, aged 12, no disabilities.
  • Mother-in-law, dementia.
  • Me, carer for mother-in-law.

Once you have crossed off:

  • Your son (under 18 years old).
  • Your mother-in-law (dementia).
  • Yourself (as the carer).
  • This leaves your husband as the only person in your property who has not been crossed off the list. This means, as there is only one person left on the list, you may get a 25 per cent reduction.

If you were left with no-one on your list, for example the only people living in the property are:

  • You (as the carer).
  • Your mother-in-law (who has dementia) you may get a 50 per cent reduction.

You are eligible for a carer's discount if you care for

  • Children, including those over 18 but in full-time education.
  • Anyone who is severely mentally impaired - for example, someone with a permanent illness that affects intelligence or social functioning.
  • Anyone who is providing care for 35 hours a week or more. This person is considered to be the carer.

The above details are only a guide and specific conditions may need to be satisfied for the reduction to apply. For more information contact the council. If you are unhappy with the council’s decision see the page on Appeals.