Community Infrastructure Levy Spending Bid Process 2017

This consultation has now closed – page left for information.  A decision on the outcome of the bidding process was taken at Full Council 21 February 2018.

In accordance with our CIL Funding Protocol 2017, we are now inviting CIL bids. Havant Borough Council has over £1.75m to spend on infrastructure to help make the borough a better place to live, work and visit (including £200k for neighbourhood projects). Bids for the funding of schemes and projects must be accompanied by robust evidence of the cost and practicality of delivering the scheme or project, including an exploration of alternative sources of funding, as follows:

  • Bids should include evidence of existing demands (including demands from permitted developments), additional demands likely to arise from the proposed development, the extent to which relevant existing infrastructure or services are capable, in terms of location, capacity and suitability, of meeting those additional demands and the estimated costs of providing new infrastructure or improving existing infrastructure to meet these additional demands
  • The bid should clearly set out the full costs of the scheme, and the timescales for implementation
  • Bids are unlikely to be successful unless it can be reasonably demonstrated that there are no other funding mechanisms or streams available that could deliver the scheme being proposed.

Bid submission requirements

  • Bids should be submitted by Friday 11 August 2017 and be on the relevant form.
  • Submissions should include a summary (no longer than 300 words)
  • Bid submissions may include a photo(s).

You may also wish to refer to the most recent version of the Strategic Infrastructure Delivery Plan which sets out and supports the infrastructure that is considered necessary to support the development proposed in the Havant Borough Local Plan.

What is Infrastructure?

Infrastructure is defined in pages 9 and 10 of the Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule.

What type of Infrastructure will the council consider funding?

The Regulation 123 List is an indicative list which sets out those infrastructure projects that Havant Borough Council may wholly or partly fund by CIL.

How will the council consider my bid for CIL Funding?

After the closing date of 11 August 2017, bids will be considered in accordance with the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Funding Decision Protocol.