Property services

Property Services is made up of the following teams:

The Estates Team

What we do:

  • Keep a comprehensive and up to date record of all council land holdings
  • Manage all the council’s commercial property and negotiate all agreements and leases including rent reviews
  • Keep the council’s property portfolio under review and seek opportunities for income generation or cost savings in respect of under-performing assets
  • Negotiate the acquisition and disposal of all council interests in land and buildings and settle any property-related compensation claims
  • Inspect council land and property and seek to prevent or deal with unauthorised access, encroachments and uses of council land

Buildings and Maintenance Team

What we do:

  • Deal with routine and planned maintenance of the council's buildings
  • Ensure that council occupied buildings are suitable for individual service provision and ‘fit for purpose’, as well as ensuring they are maintained to current Health and Safety standards
  • Provide a construction and refurbishment service for council-owned buildings
  • Energy monitoring and initiatives and implementation of energy and water policies
  • Spatial planning service and advice on maximising utilisation of assets
  • Ensure, where practicable, premises are accessible for disabled people
  • Manage building-related capital works projects

Facilities Team

What we do:

  • Security and keyholder services for the Public Service Plaza, including evenings and weekends
  • Public Service Plaza cleaning and catering functions
  • Mayor’s Secretary, Plaza attendant and chauffeuring functions
  • Printing and stationery functions
  • Portering and courier functions including arrangements for the council’s shared equipment, such as furniture, projectors and screens etc
  • Acts as licensee for the liquor, entertainment and other purposes within the Plaza complex

Vacant council-owned property

Transparency agenda

Havant Borough Council is committed to making available a comprehensive list of its property assets in line with the Government’s Transparency Agenda.

However, some information was not immediately available and has not yet been added to the list.  Further work on checking and verifying the information contained in this list will take place over the coming weeks.  As further information is added, the attached file will be updated.

In the meantime, if you would like further information about any individual assets, please contact the Estates Team at