Benefits appointment

The council's Benefits Section is now providing a new streamlined process for assessing Council Tax Support and Housing Benefit.

By using an appointment system, we will reduce delays in processing and improve accuracy. In most cases your claim will be assessed while you wait and you will be informed of your entitlement the same day. 

An intention to claim can be logged with the benefit team over the phone. This means the start of your claim can be taken from the date of the phone call if the claim form is brought back within one month of it being issued.

The date that your claim begins will not be held up while waiting for your meeting. 

Book a telephone appointment 02392 446371
Email us for a telephone appointment
For general benefit enquiries 02392 446383

If you wish to use the new appointments system, please ring the hotline number 02392 446371. During this initial telephone conversation, the benefit assessor will go through the questions on the benefits application form and tell you exactly what information and evidence will be required for you to bring in on the day of your appointment.

You will be able to make an appointment for your meeting on a date and time to suit you. Please note that the duration of the meeting will be approximately 1 hour.

Please then come in for your appointment, remembering to bring with you your completed application form or online form reference number and all the necessary supporting evidence i.e. wage slips, bank statements, etc.

As long as all the relevant information is supplied at the interview your claim will be assessed while you wait, and in most cases (our target is 90%) you will be notified of the outcome before you leave. You will then be able to go through the assessment in detail with the officer and you will be able to ask for an explanation of any of the figures.

In those small number of cases where we are unable to give you an answer during your meeting, we promise to telephone you to give details of your assessment within 24 hours.

Official notification letters will be sent to you within two days of your appointment. 

You may book an appointment for new claims and changes in circumstances including changes of address and income.

Evening appointments are available on request.